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Gundam 00: OTP / Sad


Title: Dream
Fandom: Gundam 00
Rating: R, possibly even NC-17
Note: With 584 words, it's quite a long story for me, actually. Saji/Louise, written for the trick or treat meme on annwyd's request. Takes place after ep. 19 of Season 2, but before the end of the series.
And wow, haven't written anything in such a long time...

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Code Geass: Villetta / Boobs

Untitled drabble

Fandom: Original
Warnings: a bit porny ;)
Rating: R
Note: moved over from daily_prompt to keep my stories on my own journals. And I can't believe that, before the drabble meme, I hadn't used the 'story' tag on my LJ since October 2005... Also, thanks again to frankenspam who gave me my only review at daily_prompt!
Prompt: getting dressed (10/4/2005)

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