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Title: Dream
Fandom: Gundam 00
Rating: R, possibly even NC-17
Note: With 584 words, it's quite a long story for me, actually. Saji/Louise, written for the trick or treat meme on annwyd's request. Takes place after ep. 19 of Season 2, but before the end of the series.
And wow, haven't written anything in such a long time...

It's a common dream for Saji these days. Or is it a nightmare? No, not a nightmare, although he almost wishes it were. Waking up from a nightmare, even the nightmare itself, would be preferable to waking up without her by his side after this dream.

In the dream he's back in the 0 Raiser's cockpit. And unlike the cruel reality, Louise is somehow with him. Somehow, in this dream, that other A-Laws soldier did not interrupt them. Somehow, in this world, he managed to convince her to come with him. And now they're together, floating in space as the battle rages somewhere far away.

He doesn't know why or how this happens, but layer by layer their clothes come off. It's something that would still make him blush and run away in reality, but in this dream world everything just feels so right. He has no idea what he's doing, having never done this before. Of course he hoped this might happen someday, but he probably would have tried to find an excuse even if a naked Louise had begged him to do this with her. But there's no time for such thoughts now, as her soft hands slowly move over his body. His robotic partner, the red Haro, has long since given up on them and taken control of the small craft. Saji and Louise are now in a world just for the two of them.

She takes his hands and makes him touch her. And somehow it's all right. Somehow everything is as it always should have been. Somehow it all makes sense in this dream. They explore each others bodies, their mouths meet in a kiss. Their first, sweet in the beginning, but more and more passionate with every second. How Saji knows what to do, he has no idea. But it feels so good, and his hands roam her beautiful body, making her sigh in happiness.

And suddenly something hard between his legs, something he didn't dare to think about, touches against something wet between hers. If he were to analyze this dream, he'd say he'd probably die of a heart attack this moment in reality, but even this is just how it should be in the dream. It's the first time for both of them, but in the dream there's no pain, only bliss. And somehow he's now inside her and feeling better than he ever has before. A look to her face confirms that she feels the same.

And now they're moving, he in the pilot's seat, she sitting on top of him. Nothing makes sense, but everything is perfect. She kisses him, he kisses her, on the mouth and everywhere he can reach on her body. Two bodies moving as one, reaching for some yet unknown feeling that seems to be just there, just a little bit away. And then it comes, the feeling, as do they. Exhausted, they fall asleep, holding each other tight, and he almost hears her say something as they drift off.

"I lo..."

And then he wakes up and another day on the Ptolemaios 2 begins with him crying and wishing he could go back to the dream world. But he knows it is impossible, so he concentrates on making the dream reality someday.

...and he does not find out until much later that he's not the only one having dreams like this, almost every night after that talk, even though Louise tries her best to forget them in the morning.
Tags: writing: all stories, writing: gundam 00

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