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The Bridge

Sometimes I write the weirdest things...

Title: The Bridge
Fandom: Original
Warnings: Death, general disturbingness
Rating: R
Note: Another drabble moved over from daily_prompt.
Prompt: bridge (10/5/2005)

The first time he saw this bridge he said something weird.

"This bridge is so beautiful! One day I'm going to jump from this bridge and die!"

He just said this, then smiled and continued on like nothing had happened. This was 12 years ago and he had been just 8 years old then. For the next couple of years his parents were always afraid of taking him to the bridge, but he just smiled like he had never said anything at all.

Nothing ever happened and his parents forgot all about this. He grew up to be a healthy young man, always cheerful. He went to the university, had a beautiful girlfriend, everything he could ever wish for.

The morning after his 20th birthday party his body was found under the bridge, in his pocket a note written in his 8-year-old handwriting.

"Tis brije is so butiful One day Im going to jamp from tis brije and di"

Under this was added a couple of years later:

"I don't want to die as a virgin."

And on the last line, written only a few hours before:

"I can die now"
Tags: writing: all stories, writing: original writing

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