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Untitled drabble

Fandom: Original
Warnings: a bit porny ;)
Rating: R
Note: moved over from daily_prompt to keep my stories on my own journals. And I can't believe that, before the drabble meme, I hadn't used the 'story' tag on my LJ since October 2005... Also, thanks again to frankenspam who gave me my only review at daily_prompt!
Prompt: getting dressed (10/4/2005)

His left arm disappears in the white shirt and she remembers its caresses on her naked flesh.

The shirt covers his back and she can't see the tracks left by her nails anymore.

Now it's the right hand to disappear and she can't shake the memory of how it felt when it was between her legs.

He's stepping in his pants and the legs that were between hers just a little while ago can't be seen.

He takes his uniform jacket and hat, apologizing for having to be back in the base so soon, and she wishes to rip these clothes off and make love to him one more time.

But she knows he has to go and she has to wait another week to see him again...
Tags: writing: all stories, writing: original writing

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